Proper planning is crucial to any construction project. Our services provide the groundwork to set your project up for success.

Starting construction without proper planning is a recipe for delays, cost overruns, and headaches. Our pre-construction services in Tulsa help map out every detail so your project runs smoothly from day one. We analyze your design plans, budget for all costs, create a project schedule, coordinate with contractors, secure permits, and engineer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. With our experienced team handling the upfront planning and coordination, we identify and solve problems before they arise. When you choose our pre-construction services, you can feel confident that your Tulsa project will be an organized, streamlined process from start to finish. The result is a high-quality building constructed on time and on budget.


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We provide accurate estimates of all costs from materials to labor.


With project scheduling, we plan timelines and milestones from start to finish.


We analyze designs to optimize budget while maintaining quality.


We examine plans to ensure efficient construction.

Bid Coordination

We solicit and evaluate bids and select the ideal contractors.

Permit Assistance

We help secure necessary permits and handle negotiations.

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