Virtual Design & Construction

We use Virtual-Design throughout a project's cycle

Leveraging strategic technology enables us to uncover innovative solutions to fulfilling our clients’ objectives. By investing in advanced tools, our teams enhance coordination, safety, and quality across projects. We take a pragmatic approach, evaluating whether a technology will engender superior project delivery and increased value for our clients.

We leverage cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) to provide an optimized building process for our clients. Our immersive BIM services empower you to bring your vision to life.

With BIM, we create an intelligent 3D model of your building, simulating real-world performance before construction begins. Walk through digital renderings of your spaces and provide feedback early in the design process when changes are easier to make. Our BIM coordination enhances accuracy, reduces costly change orders, and sets clear expectations.

Our BIM expertise includes:

  • Photorealistic visualizations and walkthroughs for experiential design reviews
  • Clash detection and coordination for minimized errors
  • Precise quantity takeoffs and data for accurate budgeting
  • Construction sequencing simulations for project planning
  • 3D modeling benchmarking for construction progress monitoring
  • Creation of digital twins for operations and maintenance

With greater visibility into design and construction, you can make informed decisions that align with your goals. This level of collaboration and transparency means no surprises down the road.

Bring us your vision, and our BIM services will guide it smoothly to reality. Get in touch today with the team at Futonix to learn more about how BIM can empower your next building project.

We offer cutting-edge Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) services to optimize project delivery for our clients. Our VDC solutions leverage digital technologies to streamline collaboration and planning.

With VDC, we create virtual models integrating architecture, engineering, and construction data. These digital prototypes enable our integrated project teams to visualize and simulate building performance prior to groundbreaking. Identify and resolve constructability issues before they become costly problems.

Our VDC services include:

  • 3D modeling, clash detection, and coordination for improved buildability
  • Immersive VR presentations of designs for deeper engagement
  • Construction sequencing and logistics planning for streamlined execution
  • Predictive analytics on cost, schedule, and safety from pre-construction
  • Digital tracking of construction progress vs. schedules
  • Creation of digital twins for efficient facility management

With real-time visibility and seamless coordination, VDC gives you greater confidence and control over your project. This innovative approach minimizes waste, delays, and surprises during construction.

Bring us your most complex projects. Our VDC expertise will help assess possibilities, mitigate risks, and deliver your vision on time and on budget. Contact us today to learn how VDC can revolutionize your next building program.

For peak efficiency on your projects, Futonix offers state-of-the-art robotic total station layout services. Our advanced positioning equipment and specialized expertise take field layouts to the next level.

Robotic total stations from our trusted partners integrate cutting-edge optics, positioning, and computer technology. We deploy these instruments to perform precise 3D layouts for faster, more accurate site completion.

Benefits of our robotic total station layout services:

  • Faster layout and staking with real-time positioning data
  • Enhanced accuracy within tight tolerances for quality builds
  • Efficient one-person operation for maximum productivity
  • Digital documentation and data sharing capabilities
  • Layout completion up to 50% faster than conventional methods
  • Ideal for complex designs, tight sites, and phased construction
  • Reduced manpower requirements for cost control

With real-time positioning tied to 3D models, we expertly guide projects from layout through construction. Our field crews are fully trained to operate total stations at peak accuracy and efficiency.

Bring us your largest, most complex construction projects. Our robotic total station layout services will help streamline site completion and keep builds on track. Contact us today to implement cutting-edge layout technology on your next program.

We use a robotic total station to perform layout and as-built measurements on construction sites.


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